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Tips to Promote Eye Health for Aging Parents

Tips to Promote Eye Health for Aging Parents

Senior parents are more at risk of declining vision due to aging. Thus, as part of a senior’s plan for advance care in Tennessee, it is important to pay attention to their eye health. Here are the best tips to follow to promote eye health for aging parents:

  • Schedule an eye exam annually.Great changes can happen to the body in just a span of one year. That is why you should make sure to book an eye exam annually for a senior parent. This way, you and the healthcare team can monitor the changes in vision and adopt a suitable course of action for the senior’s health and safety.
  • Get a suitable pair of multifocal lenses.It may be necessary to get a pair of glasses for a senior parent. Ask the optometrist about it.
  • Know the symptoms of vision changes.Sometimes, you don’t need to wait for an eye exam to know that changes to a senior’s vision have occurred. For seniors who are already at the age where they require home health care, they are more prone to symptoms such as blurred vision, double vision, or pain. Don’t neglect these symptoms. Immediately visit the doctor.

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