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At AdvanceCare, we realize that one of the biggest triumphs for families with a loved one who has an intellectual or developmental disability is making sure they will be receiving the same love and care they would receive from a family member. Our staff takes great pride in the fact that, if you choose us, you choose family. We go above and beyond to make sure, not only our clients but their families as well, get the love and care they deserve so that they truly feel like part of our family. We are dedicated to Advancing Care Daily by providing the following services:

Our Family Model Residential Support & Services s a residential service that individualizes services and supports that enable an individual to acquire, retain, or improve skills necessary to reside successfully in a family environment in the home of trained caregivers. This will help them to reside successfully in a family environment while providing direct assistance as needed with daily living activities, household chores, budget management as specified in the Individual Support Plan (ISP). Services that we offer to support our Family Model Program include:

  • Our Community-Based Day Services enable your loved one to participate in meaningful and productive activities in particular settings with other community members who may or may not have disabilities. The support we provide may facilitate job exploration activities, volunteer work, educational activities and other enjoyable activities that promote developing relationships and maintaining ongoing relationships with friends and family members. Our services are individualized and aligned with the outcome and action steps specified in your loved one’s Individual Support Plan (ISP) and geared towards enhancing personal growth.
  • In-Home Day Service is designed for loved ones who have health, behavioral, or other medical reasons that keep them from being able to participate in services outside the home. Our service allows your loved one to participate in enjoyable and productive activities in their home that promote personal growth.
  • Supported Employment is a program for individuals seeking competitive employment but needs support because of the nature of their disability. It provides employment for many individuals who were previously considered unemployable. Options are available for individuals who wish to be gainfully employed and earn money as well as increase their independence. This employment opportunity gives the individual a chance to live out their dream of being able to achieve a level of independence through work. Training takes place in actual job settings with competitive wages.
  • We provide Respite Services to individuals when the current caregiver or family member is absent or unable to care for the individual due to health, hospitalization, illness, injury, or if they simply just need temporary relief from routine caregiving responsibilities.
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