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AdvanceCare’s Medical Alert System Comparison

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Choosing an alert system for senior safety is important. You want to choose one that supports your needs economically and conveniently.  Your key concerns probably involve pricing and the quality of customer care.  Do they offer installation assistance, or will you be expected to do that yourself?  How many product options do they offer, and how are these products rated in their reviews?  Below, I’ve compiled extensive details on four medical alert companies and brief information on two others.  I hope this information is useful in your quest for peace of mind!

First up: Medical Guardian 

Medical Guardian’s Overview

Medical Guardian’s site has videos that showcase how the devices work and how to charge them.  They offer buying advice and product quizzes to help you determine the best option.  Medical Guardian requires a contract, but you get a prorated refund if you are unsatisfied.  Monthly plans are available, and you can save costs by signing up for a quarterly or annual subscription.  I could not find any information about installation assistance.


Phone: 1-800-591-5242

Medical Guardian’s Option #1: The Classic Guardian

The Classic Guardian is a landline-based medical alert system that protects you in your home and up to 1,300 feet from the base unit.  The unit remains plugged in, with a wristband or neck pendant synced to the base unit. You do not speak through the wristband or pendant; you can only speak to an operator through the base station.  You can press the button on your wristband or pendant, and they will immediately dispatch local emergency personnel to your home.  Fall detection can be added at an extra cost.  A monthly plan begins at $29.95 per month.

Medical Guardian’s Option #2: The MG Mini

The MG Mini goes on a lanyard that you wear around your neck.  You can also use a belt clip to attach it to your belt or purse if you don’t like the lanyard.  It has a battery life of up to 5 days.  It is waterproof and can be worn in the shower.  The MG Mini has clear two-way audio speakers, connecting you to emergency operators anytime.  It comes with a cellular SIM card embedded in the device and is equipped with a service plan that includes nationwide coverage.  A monthly plan begins at $39.95 per month.

Medical Guardian’s Option #3: The MG Mini Lite

The MG Mini Lite goes around your wrist like a watch.  It has a battery life of up to 3 days and is water-resistant.  The band is adjustable.  Fall detection is an add-on feature.  If you need help, press and hold the help button until the light turns blue.  You will hear a voice message followed by ringing as the device connects you.  The Mini Lite comes with 4G LTE that connects you directly to emergency operators, no matter where you are.  Monthly costs start at $44.95.

Next up: ADT Medical Alert

ADT Medical Alert’s Overview

ADT Medical Alert offers different devices, depending on whether you need protection in the home, on the go, or both.  They have a ForeveRate guarantee, so your price never changes, and they don’t require a long-term contract.  You also have the option to do monthly, quarterly, or yearly billing, and there are discounts if you choose to be billed less often.  I used the website’s “Chat with an Agent” chatbox and asked about installation/activation assistance, and I was referred to a series of Self-Setup articles.


Phone: 844-334-3151

ADT Medical Alert’s Option #1: The Basic

The Medical Alert Basic is an in-home base unit that requires a landline.  It’s called the basic version because that’s what it is!  You can do two-way talk via the device and choose if it comes in a wristband or pendant.  Costs start at $29.99 per month.  

ADT Medical Alert’s Option #2: The Plus

ADT’s Medical Alert Plus is their middle-of-the-line device that does not require a landline.  The extended in-home range is ideal for people who garden and do yard work.  Pendant and wristband options are available, and you can add a waterproof wall mount button for the shower.  Prices start at $37.99 per month.

ADT Medical Alert’s Option #3: The On-The-Go

The On-The-Go device provides freedom and peace of mind whether you’re at home or miles away!  Similar to the Plus option, there are pendant or wristband options with the option to add a wall mount button.  It is slightly more expensive since it has GPS capabilities, starting at $39.99 monthly.

Another option: Lifeline

Lifeline’s Overview

Lifeline has served over 7.5 people since 1974.  Their models work by pressing the help button and connecting to a trained care specialist who assesses the situation and determines how best to help you.  For each option below, there is a one-time $99.95 setup fee. If you want a professional install, that costs $99 extra, and you can add fall detection for an additional $15 per month.  Unlike their competitors, they don’t have multiple payment options (quarterly or yearly), and I couldn’t find anything about a rate guarantee.


Phone: 800-721-9701

Lifeline’s Option #1: The HomeSafe Landline

The HomeSafe Landline device comes with an in-home communicator and help button in either a pendant or watch version.  You press the help button to communicate through the speakerphone on the communicator.  The button is waterproof.  The button options feature a long-lasting battery that Lifeline automatically replaces when needed.  The Landline service starts at $29.95 per month.

Lifeline’s Option #2: The HomeSafe Cellular

The HomeSafe Cellular device is similar to the Landline device in offerings, but it does not require a landline to connect to the trained care specialists.  You can choose the help button option as a pendant or watch. It is waterproof, and Lifeline will replace the battery when necessary.  The Cellular service pricing begins at $39.95 monthly.

Lifeline’s Option #3: The HomeSafe On the Go

The On the Go mobile solutions provide fast access to help 24/7.  The all-in-one help button is worn around your neck and includes an advanced GPS locator.  The button includes a charging cradle and power cord, as it’s rechargeable and water-resistant.  For this option, prices start at $49.95 each month.

The next medical alert provider: UnaliWear

UnaliWear only has one product: the Kanega Watch.  It is the only medical alert smartwatch with fall detection.  Three ways to get help with the Kanega Watch are button, voice, or fall detection.  There is WiFi and cellular connectivity, and it works right out of the box- no setup is required!  You do have to change the batteries every day.  UnaliWear also provides a price lock guarantee with no increase ever.  You pay a set-up fee of $368.95 and then $69.95 monthly.

Life Alert:

I could not find product information (size, options, features) on Life Alert’s website.  I also was unable to locate pricing or ordering information.  There is a phone number to call for information or a brochure: 1-800-836-6851

Mobile Help:

There is minimal product information with zero price details on Mobile Help’s website.  A consumer must submit his or her phone number to get any information.

In summary, choosing a medical alert device depends on your preferences for batteries vs. charging, landline vs. cellular, and home service vs. being on the go.  Do you want a device with the convenient option of speaking directly through the device instead of making your way to the base unit?  Then, choose Medical Guardian’s MG Mini Lite, any of ADT’s devices, or Lifeline’s On the Go device.  If a price guarantee is important to you, choose something from ADT.  If you want someone to come and install the device and show you how to use it, select Lifeline and pay the extra cost.  If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line all-in-one watch that does it all, go with UnaliWear’s Kanega watch.

When medical alert systems aren’t enough, think about hiring a caregiver.  Caregivers provide companionship, assistance with household chores, and medication reminders.  AdvanceCare serves all of Tennessee and paired with a medical alert device, we provide exceptional support to bring peace of mind to your loved ones!

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