AdvanceCare Health Services

We touch lives!

AdvanceCare Health Services provides community-based services  and homecare in Tennessee that deliver compassionate support when and where you need it!  We offer more than just support, we offer a new way of life.  Watch this video to hear what makes us special, straight from AdvanceCare’s admins!

Research demonstrates that people heal more quickly and comfortably at home than in an unfamiliar environment. AdvanceCare’s homecare in Tennessee support family involvement and personalized care.  Our family model program helps individuals struggling with intellectual and developmental disabilities, supporting them in a family environment to become more independent.  Read on to hear more!

FIVE Reasons to Choose AdvanceCare:

  1. AdvanceCare’s leadership team has over 131 years of combined experience in the healthcare and social service fields.
  2. Our services allow you to stay at home while taking care of your health needs. Whey leave your comfy place when you can choose AdvanceCare?
  3. AdvanceCare is not part of a franchise. We are rooted in local community.
  4. AdvanceCare has four company causes that impact local youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and veterans. We go beyond direct care to touch lives.
  5. Our leadership and staff is dedicated to supporting your needs and making the world a better place. This is what truly separates AdvanceCare from the competition.
Choosing the Ideal Homecare Agency

AdvanceCare proudly honors our 2023 Employee, Caregiver, and Provider of the Year. These individuals have earned their titles through exceptional hard work, unwavering dedication, and heartfelt compassion for the people of Tennessee. Their commitment to excellence has made a significant impact on the lives of our clients, and we are grateful for their outstanding contributions to our team.

AdvanceCare's Case Studies

In case study #1, Mary B. of Bristol, TN is paralyzed on the left side. Mobilization was an issue and Mary’s family was unable to care for her. Mary’s granddaughter did some research and determined AdvanceCare to be the best option for homecare in Tennessee. Mary says that her caregiver Jerri is “the best caregiver that anybody could ask for.” 

Case study #2 highlights Brittney, who bounced around different supported living programs and struggled with hygiene and meal prep. A friend introduced her to the Family Model Program at AdvanceCare and Brittney’s case manager made the switch. Brittney has learned to dress appropriately and her daily living and social skills have improved tremendously.

Case study #3 is next: Clifton of Hermitage, TN suffered from COPD and had difficulty performing basic tasks. His social worker searched for homecare in Tennessee and recommended AdvanceCare. Clifton says that his AdvanceCare caregiver, Angie, is like family. She helps him bathe, change his clothes, and fixes his meals.