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Our Community Living Support Program is a community-based family model alternative service for seniors with disabilities. It encompasses a continuum of support options for up to three individuals living in the home of trained family caregivers (other than the individuals’ own family). In this type of shared living arrangement, the family model provider we will provide for the individual, will allow the individual to move into their existing home in order to integrate them into the shared experience of a home and family, and provide individualized services that support each resident’s independence and full integration into the community. We dedicate our time to making sure that every individual is taken care of to our fullest potential and that we help advance their lives daily in every way that we can. Our services are individualized based on the need of each resident in the home and their centered plan of care. Services may include but are not limited to hands-on assistance, supervision, transportation, and other supports intended to help the individual exercise choices such as:

  • Selecting and moving into a home
  • Locating and choosing suitable housemates
  • Acquiring and maintaining household furnishings
  • Acquiring, retaining, or improving skills needed for activities of daily living or assistance with activities of daily living as needed, such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and grooming, eating, toileting, transfer, and mobility.
  • Acquiring, retaining, or improving skills needed for instrumental activities of daily living or assistance with instrumental activities of daily living as needed, such as household chores, meal planning, shopping, preparation and storage of food, and managing personal finances
  • Building and maintaining interpersonal relationships with family and friends
  • Pursuing educational goals and employment opportunities
  • Participating fully in community life, including faith-based, social, and leisure activities selected by the individual
  • Scheduling and attending appropriate medical services
  • Becoming aware of, and effectively using, transportation, police, fire, and emergency help available in the community to the general public.

We are dedicated to Advancing Care Daily. For further information on any of our services, please CONTACT US TODAY. We would love to answer any questions you may have or we can schedule an In-Home Consultation! We value your participation in all aspects of the care we provide.

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