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Simple Tips to Get Senior Citizen Discounts

Simple Tips to Get Senior Citizen Discounts

The senior members of our community deserve to enjoy a few discounts to make their retirement life easier. In fact, these discounts can help a senior save more money and allocate that into paying for health services in Hermitage, Tennessee. Here are some of the simple tips for a senior to get discounts for both essential and non-essential goods or services:

  • National Deals
    Many entertainment and transportation facilities around the country clearly state their senior discounts on posters within their premises or on their website. Research these nation-wide deals to save up on expenses such as train tickets, movie tickets, or restaurant bills.
  • AARP Card
    Seniors who require advance care in Tennessee will definitely find having an AARP card advantageous. It may cost you $16 in membership fees, but this card can offer you as much as 25% off on hotel expenses, car rentals, and even shipping (selected enterprises only).
  • Unlisted Deals
    While there are deals that are clearly listed on websites or on the counter, there are also unlisted deals. These are deals that are not advertised. Often, these discounts are only applied when the senior asks about them.

AdvanceCare Health Services LLC is the home health care partner that’s committed to providing quality senior care and companionship to the elderly. If a senior parent is in need of our services, be sure to call us for a consultation.

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