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Do you know someone struggling with dementia, ADHD, autism, or behavioral disorders? Advance Care in Hermitage, Tennessee, has services that can help! We enhance the quality of life for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities. We offer Adult Home and Community Services, which embrace a Family Model Professional (FMP) approach. The FMP provides a safe home for an individual to become a part of the family, learn new skills, and integrate themselves into the community. The supported person receives opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have in a facility, and they’re not affected by shift changes. AdvanceCare Health Services LLC provides safety, stability, and independence!

AdvanceCare’s Adult Home and Community Services embrace three programs: Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (DIDD), Employment and Community First (ECF), and Community Living Support/Choices (CLS). Read below to learn more about each one!

As a Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) provider, we offer home environment stability, normal life experiences, and improved quality of life for someone with a disability. Disabilitiy Services coupled with AdvanceCare’s DIDD services stimulate creativity and promote growth!


AdvanceCare is also an Employment and Community First (ECF) Provider in Tennessee. The features of this program include job exploration, personal care assistance, and interaction with others. This service will allow your loved ones to grow in their community by giving them the resources they need to live a more independent lifestyle.


Community Living Support (CLS) Choices is a community-based service for seniors with disabilities. We pair the individual with a family model professional who will provide community integration, client-driven support, and relationship development. CLS services may include hands-on assistance and transportation.


Watch this short YouTube video to get more information on AdvanceCare’s Adult Home & Community Services and Health Services in Tennessee:


Do you want your loved one to participate in activities that promote personal growth in a family environment? Do you want them to build relationships and get involved in the community? Do you need assistance with applying for the ECF or CLS program? We can help. Contact AdvanceCare today! Call us at 615-608-1531, send your email to, or visit our website at

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