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AdvanceCare’s Adult Home and Community Services embrace three programs: Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (DIDD), Employment and Community First (ECF), and Community Living Support- Choices (CLS). AdvanceCare uses a Family Model Professional (FMP) approach. The FMP provides a safe home for an individual to become a part of the family, learn new skills, and integrate themselves into the community. The supported person receives opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have in a facility, and they’re not affected by shift changes, either. We provide safety, stability, and independence. AdvanceCare: We TOUCH lives!

Department of intellectual Developmental Disabilities(DIDD)

At AdvanceCare, we realize that one of the biggest triumphs for families with a loved one who has an intellectual or developmental disability is making sure they will be receiving the same love and care they would receive from a family member. DIDD includes acquiring, retaining, and improving daily living skills, as well as supported employment and respite services. Our mission is to unlock the overall potential of individuals by providing high-quality and compassionate support. Our services stimulate creativity, promote growth, and enhance independence.

Employment and Community First (ECF)

Our ECF program is for people who have an intellectual or developmental disability. We provide residential services and explore job opportunities for individuals who want to work and assist them through every phase of the employment process. We help them choose positions that match their skills and preferences. This program will allow your loved ones to grow in their communities through supported employment and give them the tools and resources they need to successfully fulfill their dreams of living a more independent and fulfilling lifestyle.

Community Living Support- Choices

Choice is a community-based service for seniors with disabilities. It encompasses a continuum of support options for up to three individuals living in the home of trained caregivers (other than the individuals’ own family). We pair the individual with a family model professional who will integrate the individual into the family experience and provide services that support each resident’s independence and integration into the community. Our services are based on each resident’s centered plan of care. Services may include hands-on assistance with daily living skills, supervision, and transportation.

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