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The Effects of Dental and Oral Problems on Seniors

an elderly man showing his teeth

Dental and oral problems may cause more health concerns in a senior citizen’s life. If there are no proper health services in Tennessee, complications may arise.

Here are the following conditions in-home care providers must help prevent:

  • Malnutrition
    Seniors with missing teeth or gum disease affect their ability to chew and swallow food. The loss of teeth makes them ingest fewer meals and resort to soft foods of less nutritional value, leading to poor dietary intake, weight loss, and increased risk of malnutrition. These consequences will need the serious provision of home care in Hermitage, Tennessee.
  • Lack of confidence
    Seniors will suffer psychologically for being toothless or having bad breath. They manifest uncomfortable behaviors like covering their mouth, avoiding eye contact, and maintaining a distance when speaking with someone which directly affects their social status. This will cause them low self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Increased risk of death from serious oral problems
    Discomfort from poor oral health prevents the ability to relax and it disrupts sleep. Particularly, it occurs when the mouth is dry due to some medications or with decreased saliva production. At high levels, bacteria from the tooth cavity can be a silent killer. The infection can contribute to heart problems and inflammation and cause death to frail seniors.

Seniors must observe good oral habits. With the help of companionship services Tennessee, being orally healthy is possible and we at AdvanceCare Health Services LLC are ready to help.

We also offer respite care to help families manage their schedules. Call us today.

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