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The Differences Between Headache and Migraine

an elderly woman having a headache

Migraine and headache are two different health conditions. But how can disabilitiy services providers determine what their patients are experiencing? Read further.

  • Feeling
    Headache is a discomfort or a steady ache in the head. A tension headache causes tight pressure on both sides of the head but is not usually considered severe. On the other hand, recurrent migraine attack causes a throbbing pain on one side of the head, around the eyes, or the temples and can affect the entire body.
  • Aura
    Experts are not sure why it happens but people who are under attack of migraine with aura, or classic migraine, see flashing lights, blind spots, or changes in their vision that fades in less than an hour. Some have speech troubles and tingling hands or faces, which may need advance care in Hermitage, Tennessee. But there is no known headache aura.
  • Duration
    Migraine can last for four hours up to several days, while a headache ceases minutes after taking a pain reliever. They must go under home health care for pain management.

Seek help when your client experiences them frequently, becomes severe, or disrupts everyday life. Transportation services are available in case of emergency. AdvanceCare Health Services LLC offers such a service.

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