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Our Comprehensive Community Living Support Program

There are countless nursing homes, public institutions, and other establishments for people who experience disabilities, but it’s hard to tell which ones will provide the care you need. One option you should consider is Community Living Support. This person-centered assistance style focuses on helping adults achieve independence while participating in their communities. As a provider of home care in Hermitage, Tennessee, allow us to share with you about community living support.

  • What Is Community Living Support?

    Community Living Support is a service that assists adults with developmental disabilities, major behavioral challenges, or mental illnesses.

  • What Is Community Living Support Like?

    We are proud to offer a Family Model care solution for elderly or disabled adults who would benefit from living in a home environment outside their family of origin. Think of this as an adult foster home. The Family Model service offers a stable home environment with 24/7 individualized care based on the needs of each resident. This creates wonderful opportunities for individuals who want to experience independent living while still having access to the support services they need daily. In addition, disability services help individuals to maintain their independence and thrive in a nurturing community.

  • Why Should We Choose Community Living Support?

    The Community Living Support Program is designed to enable individuals with disabilities to lead independent lives free from the institutional atmosphere. We identify goals for each individual by going through a person-centered planning process. Community Living Support is centered on helping adults with disabilities live as actively in the community as they choose. We aim to ensure all people have the opportunity to make decisions about their care and their lives.

  • What Are the Benefits of Community Living Support?

    There are several major advantages of using CLS rather than a public institution or nursing home:

    • Social connection. People participating in CLS will have numerous opportunities to interact with neighbors, family, and friends.
    • Lower costs. A skilled nursing facility may cost $75,000 a year or more, and public residential facilities for people with disabilities are often hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ask us about enrolling in the CLS program to get specific information.
    • Voice in the community. People with disabilities and older adults often have unique perspectives that offer new ways of thinking about the world. Community Living Support allows these adults to stay more active in their communities.
  • Where Can I Find Community Living Support in Tennessee?

    As a provider of health services in Tennessee, AdvanceCare Health Services LLC aims to help each person live a full life, emphasizing independence. Our main office is located in Hermitage, Tennessee. Please reach out to us today to see if we offer Community Living Support Services in your area.

We touch lives by adding value to yours! Watch this CLS video about our CLS providers Tennessee to see how we can help!

Contact us to learn more. Call or text 615-670-2174, or email us at We look forward to serving you!

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