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Incontinence Care: Toileting Tips for Carers

Incontinence Care: Toileting Tips for Carers

Incontinence implies any non-voluntary or unintentional leak of feces or urine. Incontinence can happen in people of any age. Still, individuals who are old or suffer a chronic illness are at risk.

At AdvanceCare Health Services LLC, a provider of advance care in Tennessee, we have caregivers who can help manage a person’s incontinence. An appraisal of clients’ incontinence can help caregivers understand their needs and create a plan that will help in effectively managing their incontinence.

As a provider of health services in Hermitage, Tennessee, we provide you some tips in providing incontinence care. For example:

  • Have the right assistive equipment. For example, have an elevated toilet or a grab bar if the individual is shaky on their feet and eliminate floor rugs.
  • Do not hurry the individual when they stay on the toilet. It is better for them to carefully use the toilet to keep them safe from accidents.
  • Give attention to the individual’s toileting form and recommend they go to the toilet at periods suitable to their pattern.
  • Keep a moveable commode in the bed if the bathroom is too distant for the individual to arrive on time.
  • Try to adapt to the individual’s want for confidentiality when likely. If secrecy is not probable, use a calm manner to ease their mood. Humor might help to dismiss awkwardness or distress.

It is important to comprehend the particular wants of the individual with regards to their incontinence care. Use our home health care tips to help them each day. We hope these tips can help you.

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