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Health Champion: How to Advocate for Your Own Health

Are you ready to take control of your health journey and be your own health champion? Being your own health champion means seizing the reins of your well-being to ensure YOU receive the top-notch healthcare you deserve. It’s about feeling empowered to voice your questions, needs, concerns, and preferences, paving the way for collaborative decision-making with your healthcare provider. Are you ready to step into your power and take charge of your health?

Let’s dive into what it truly means to be a health champion. Start by envisioning your health goals and defining what a high-quality life looks like to you. What matters most when it comes to your well-being? Take a moment to reflect; don’t rush it!

Now, let’s talk real-life examples of the incredible impact of being your own health advocate. Meet Sally, a Nebraska native who faced a major health challenge. Despite encountering several misdiagnoses and conflicting opinions from healthcare professionals, Sally refused to give up. She was determined to be a health champion and committed to doing her own research and advocating for herself every step of the way.

Sally’s persistence paid off when she found a family medicine specialist who listened to her concerns and took her symptoms seriously. With his guidance, Sally received a diagnosis that, while difficult to hear, was legit: ovarian cancer. Thanks to her unwavering advocacy, Sally underwent surgery, followed by chemotherapy treatment and later went into remission, empowered by resilience and determination.

Sally’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of being your own health champion. Imagine if she had given up on her quest for answers—her outcome might have been drastically different. But Sally’s courage and tenacity show us that we hold the key to our health destiny. It’s up to each of us to fight for our well-being.  Thanks to her proactive research, mindfulness, and persistence with her doctors, she obtained the necessary diagnosis and treatment.

Getting support from an AdvanceCare caregiver can play a vital role in reaching your health goals and becoming a health champion. Start by envisioning your health goals and determining what wellness looks like to you. Next, talk to your caregiver, knowing that he or she is listening to your concerns and priorities.  Find comfort in knowing that AdvanceCare stands ready to provide unwavering support throughout your path to wellness.  Visit to find out more about our in-home caregiving services!

So, let Sally’s journey inspire you to unleash your inner health champion. Take charge of your health, speak up for yourself, and never underestimate the power of your voice. Remember, you are the hero of your health story, and your well-being matters. Embrace the role of advocate, and together, we can conquer any health challenge that comes our way.

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