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Empowering Lives: AdvanceCare’s Employment Community First Program

Empowering Lives: AdvanceCare's Employment Community First Program

Employment Community First Program

Want to learn more about how the Employment Community First Program could impact you? Read on!

At AdvanceCare, we believe in empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to lead fulfilling lives, and our Employment Community First (ECF) Program stands as a testament to this commitment. In an exclusive interview with our Assistant Waiver Director, Lynda McDermott, we gained insights into the essence of the ECF Program, its impact on participants, and the journey towards fostering independence and inclusion.

What is the Employment Community First Program?

The Employment Community First Program encompasses individuals who would have been eligible under the original 1915c Waiver program. It encompasses two core aspects: Employment and Community. Individuals are encouraged to explore employment opportunities and engage actively in their communities. The program is all about giving personalized help and support that fits each person’s needs just right.

Who Can Join the Employment Community First Program?

If you would have qualified for the 1915c waiver program because of intellectual disabilities, then the ECF Program is for you! It’s open to folks from all walks of life, and we’re all about making sure everyone has a fair shot at finding a job and getting involved in their community.

How Does the Employment Community First Program Work?

To get started, you sign up for the Employment Community First Program through one of three Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) – Wellpoint, UHC, or BlueCare. They handle the money and resources in the same way, so everyone gets the same chances. Once you’re approved, you can select from different area providers.  If you choose AdvanceCare, we will set up meet and greets between you and our Family Model Professionals (FMPs).  Once you find a match, your FMP steps in to help you out. He or she will guide you through job applications, prep you for interviews, and cheer you on as you take steps towards independence.

What Kind of Jobs are Available?

The Employment Community First Program covers all kinds of jobs- from working in stores or restaurants of fulfillment centers to doing remote gigs or volunteering, there’s something for everyone. Our FMPs are there to help you find the right fit and support you along the way.

Success Stories of the Employment Community First Program

Our program has helped folks like JJ, Rodney, William, Robbie, and Wanda find jobs they love and feel proud of. JJ has a position at Arby’s, Rodney works from home, William is a janitor, Robbie helps out at a nursing home, and Wanda is employed at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  Their stories show just how much you can achieve with the right support and a can-do spirit.

Challenges and Support

We know there can be roadblocks on the path to employment, but we’ve got your back. Through the Employment Community First Program, we offer training, financial help, and resources to help you overcome any hurdles. Our FMPs assist with paperwork and applying for insurance, too.  And it doesn’t stop once you land a job – we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Employment Community First: Living Our Mission

At AdvanceCare, we believe in learning and never giving up. The ECF Program reflects these values by empowering individuals to grow and thrive. Together, we’re building a community where everyone has the chance to shine.

In Conclusion

The Employment Community First Program is all about giving folks with intellectual disabilities the chance to lead fulfilling lives. At AdvanceCare, we’re here to support you on your journey towards independence, meaningful work, and making a difference in the world. Contact us today by calling 615-891-4132, ext. 180 or emailing  Let’s build a future where everyone’s talents are celebrated and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Thank you for reading about how AdvanceCare's Community First Program Empowers Lives!

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