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Senior care agencies are actively seeking compassionate people to provide support to those who want to age with dignity in their own home. Find the rewarding job you’ve been searching for!  AdvanceCare Health Services is seeking dependable caregivers with varying levels of experience.  We’re located in Tennessee, and we have jobs available all over the state! We have a career advancement track and we promote from within. At AdvanceCare, your dreams and goals are important to us.

Here are some of the common tasks caregivers do:

  • Buy groceries and cook meals
  • Do light housekeeping and laundry
  • Provide transportation as needed
  • Help the care receiver get dressed
  • Assist with mobility
  • Monitor medications
  • Be a companion

Nothing feels better than seeing your clients smile and knowing you’re having a positive effect on them. Caregiving also provides the satisfaction of making an impact.  How many careers can say that they change people’s lives?

Characteristics of a Good Caregiver:

  • Selflessness – A good caregiver will always put the client first. Their priority is assisting the elder in any situation.
  • Patience – Dealing with seniors can be difficult because of effects associated with aging, limited mobility, confusion, and poor eyesight. Certain tasks may take longer than expected, but a good caregiver understands.
  • Listening – Sometimes clients have trouble expressing themselves. A good caregiver must be able to listen, but also pay attention to nonverbal cues.
  • Communication – Sometimes clients may have a hard time getting used to you being in their home, so respect is important. Keep the lines of communication open and ask them questions if you’re unsure.
  • Tolerance – Some seniors have diseases associated with aging. It’s important that caregivers don’t take offense to any off-putting behavior from the elders because they are likely in pain or don’t know what they’re doing.
  • Passion – Caring for others IS the job, and as a caregiver, you must be passionately compassionate!

Reasons to Become a Caregiver:

  • A rewarding career – Taking care of people is something you can truly be proud of. Caregivers and clients also develop close relationships. Caregivers give the seniors someone to talk and laugh with, which is beneficial to all involved.
  • You are a “people” person – Since caregivers interact with clients, other caregivers, and administrative staff for much of the day, they must enjoy working with others. Caregivers should be people that smile and enjoy their time with others.
  • Make a difference – Caregivers touch lives. Some clients might be lonely or sad due to their age, but a good caregiver can help them change their mood for the better. AdvanceCare’s clients and their loved ones truly appreciate all the help caregivers provide.
  • Variety of tasks – From helping elders find enjoyment to assisting them during meal times, a caregiver does a variety of things throughout the day.  Caregiving is not boring!

Some things to remember:

  • You cannot be perfect
  • Set realistic expectations—for yourself and the person you are caring for
  • Learn the skills you need to care for the care receiver
  • Most importantly, remember that taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of someone else.

Does this sound like you?  Or maybe someone you know?  Caregiving may be right for you!  If you have any questions related to a caregiving career, call AdvanceCare’s helpful team today! 629-800-4215. You can email us, too! We look forward to hearing from you!

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