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Benefits of Choosing to Age at Home

a caregiver holding the hands of a senior woman in the wheelchair

If you wish to age in place, you must learn about home care services that may help you preserve your freedom and stay at home for a longer period. AdvanceCare Health Services LLC is a highly recommended Home Care in Hermitage, Tennessee, and we can help seniors stay in the comforts of home as safe and healthy as possible.

Aging in place involves living in your own home as you age older for as long as desired, rather than relocating to a retirement or long-term care facility, our In-Home Care is an agency that can offer you the freedom to stay in a place of your choosing.

Aging in place may be a great choice if you pick a care provider who provides Hands-On Assistance with everyday tasks, have a tight network of family and friends nearby, and can use the appropriate home care services to meet your needs.

You can determine if aging in place is the best approach to keep your freedom and make the most of your golden years. We offer a wide range of services, such as Disabilitiy Services for seniors and more for them to benefit from.

If the thought of transferring to a retirement community, assisted living facility, or nursing home does not appeal to you, home care services may be able to let you stay in your own home for a longer period. We also offer Transportation services when necessary.

Know more about why it is best to stay home when aging by watching our video at

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