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Assisting Clients With Mobility Matters


It can be difficult taking care of elderly parents who suffer from various forms of mobility problems on their own. As such, there is no shame in hiring advance care in Hermitage, Tennessee. At AdvanceCare Health Services LLC, we can provide caregivers who assist clients with mobility concerns.

Some elderly adults need health services in Tennessee to help them get around in and out of the house. These clients can function independently, for the most part. All they need is someone to teach them how to use mobility aids such as walkers, walking canes, and wheelchairs.

Meanwhile, some elderly persons need more urgent home health care. These individuals require hands-on assistance with all activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, and toileting. They also need help with grooming tasks like brushing their teeth and shaving.

There are also times when clients require transportation services because they are fully or partially immobile. It means they need special equipment like patient lifts and slings and require special care all day and night.

We can provide you and your loved ones with hands-on assistance to handle all kinds of mobility assistance. We also thoroughly assess each client’s needs before deciding which caregiver to assign. Call us today to learn more about the comprehensive list of caregiving services we provide.

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