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Activities for People with Incapacities

Activities for People with Incapacities

AdvanceCare Health Services LLC, a provider of health services in Hermitage, Tennessee, pays more attention to the kinds of activities people with intellectual and developmental disabilities can do—instead of getting fixated about whatever they cannot do. Let us take a closer look at what these people can do at home.

  • Physical Activities
    Physical activities and workouts can aid them in promoting physical and mental health. Bowling, agricultural activities, workout classes, dancing, and swimming are all activities that can help improve a person’s overall health while having fun.
  • Art Activities
    Art is a great way to express sentiments and feelings, especially when someone is finding it challenging to express verbally. Art allows many individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities to share their feelings.

Home health care encourages individuals of all ages to express their thoughts; either through painting, informative coloring books, creating jewelry, or any other kinds of art therapy. A few of the prevalent art activities for persons with disabilities include origami, beading, creating with clay, and beautifying with paint.

The stress-relieving effects of physical and art activities performed at home can help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities manage their symptoms. Advance care in Tennessee can provide clients with person-centered activities that are based on their unique needs and preferences.

One-fourth of the adults in the US have some type of disability. Our services enhance growth and independence in a family environment, fostering support and joy.

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