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A Guide to Preventing Elderly Falls at Home


As we age, we are more likely to experience more health problems, which can cause possible accidents like falling accidentally in our homes. For the elderly, the effects of a fall can be devastating.

Of course, our bodies won’t be the same when we turn our 30s and above. Muscles and joints will weaken, and our memory may diminish with other age-related changes.

For this reason, preventing falls among the elderly is critical and treating the underlying conditions that put them at risk. Health services in Tennessee may help monitor one’s well-being through extensive and professional care.

They can also assist you in putting safety measures in your home, such as the following:

  • Let your lights open in rooms, and ensure your home has plenty of it.
  • Be sure the bathroom stair railings and grab bars are stable.
  • As part of our home care in Hermitage, Tennessee, let our staff assist you in cleaning any accumulated clutter around your residence.
  • Don’t have your senior loved ones use a stool to acquire things they need; instead, put such items in a convenient, easy-to-reach location.

Aside from home safety management, we at AdvanceCare Health Services LLC provide disabilitiy services and adult home care services should you ever consider other options for your loved ones.

Our agency is also looking for qualified individuals to join our care team. We have caregiver job openings Tennessee, so if you’re up for the work, send us an online application today.

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