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Unhealthy Habits Seniors Need to Quit Immediately

An unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits can make the elderly more prone to diseases and face the consequences than enjoying their remaining years. That is why as a provider of advance care in Hermitage, Tennessee, we would like to encourage them to quit the following:

  • Drinking alcohol
    People think alcohol drinking may take away their feelings and anxieties, but this habit poses more danger than any benefit.
  • Smoking
    Smoking kills, and that is a fact. Cigarettes can cause a lot of illnesses and complications, especially with long-term use.
  • Overworking
    Some senior citizens think they might become useless and dependent on in-home care as they age, and because of that, they tend to do tasks beyond their capacity.
  • Skipping meals
    Some elders skip mealtime for some reason. It can be because of the loss of appetite and taste, or an internal problem that causes it. There should be a home health care intervention for this matter.
  • Avoiding doctor’s visits and routine checkups
    When a person skips these necessary meetings, they not only miss an appointment but the chance to know their current health status. Being under our hands-on assistance will keep you from doing such.

It’s not too late to quit and stop these unhealthy habits. We at AdvanceCare Health Services LLC can help you avoid them.

Call 615-891-4132 if you require respite care for your elderly loved ones.

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