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The Link Between Lack of Sleep and Memory Loss


People of all ages suffer from insomnia; it doesn’t matter how old they are. Most senior adults, however, have difficulty falling and staying asleep.

Even while a short nap or over-the-counter sleep drug may seem like a simple remedy, persistent insomnia has serious consequences for the physical and emotional well-being of the elderly if left untreated.

As an agency that specializes in providing health services in Tennessee, we hope to raise awareness of the connection between adequate sleep and improved mental health in later life.

If left untreated, insomnia has been linked to damaging effects on seniors’ cognitive capacity and general health. Getting adequate undisturbed sleep is one of the most important components in developing long-term memory.

Minor symptoms, such as fatigue and mood swings, may worsen and finally lead to memory issues in an elderly person who does not receive enough sleep.

As individuals age, they may have insomnia, but this condition is treatable with a variety of different methods. If seniors don’t get enough sleep, they’re putting themselves at greater risk for serious health issues.

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