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How to Prevent Senior Falls at Home

More than 75% of falls happen in the home, according to the National Council on Aging. Falls can occur for many reasons, but simple preventative measures can significantly reduce a senior’s risk of falling and incurring a serious injury.

Falls can be very dangerous, even with no serious injury it can be very frightening. Read on to learn 10 ways to prevent senior falls at home.

1. Clean up Clutter. This is the easiest prevention method to stop falls. If you have trouble bending down or cannot clean up messes, AdvanceCare’s caregivers are there to take preventative measures to stop falls before they happen.

2. Install Grab Bars and Handrails. If you have limited mobility, these safety devices are crucial to helping you move around your house freely. They allow you to have more independence and have a safety net in case of falls. 

3. Wear Shoes. Socks are super comfortable, but they present a large slipping risk. Wearing shoes is one of the easiest methods to prevent falls at home. Another alternative is purchasing nonslip socks, which provide comfort and safety. At AdvanceCare, we want to keep you safe and we will provide recommendations like these to keep you from falling. 

4. Avoid Loose Clothing. Loose clothing can make it more likely for you to fall. If your clothing is dragging along the ground, it makes it more likely to get caught on something and cause you to fall. Comfortability is key, so being comfortable and having clothing that doesn’t drag on the ground is very important. 

5. Good Lighting. Having inadequate lighting where you live is another major hazard. To navigate your home easier, install brighter lightbulbs where needed, especially in stairways, narrow hallways, and lights in your room for at night. 

6. Live on One Level. Stairs are where the most falls occur. If you can live on one level, it will decrease your chances of injuring yourself. We know that for many, living on one level is impossible. If this is the case, be very careful on the stairs and take it slow. At AdvanceCare, we provide support by helping clients up and down stairs, and we are always there for immediate support if a fall occurs. 

7. Make Non-slip Surfaces. This should be done for bathtubs and showers, as well as the floors in kitchens, bathrooms, and porches. These areas can become very slippery, and extremely dangerous when wet. Take preventative action, and purchase nonslip mats. 

8. Take your Time. Move carefully with every movement you make. Do not rush, and before any significant actions take a minute to relax and take it slowly. This is very important and is something that we at AdvanceCare urge our clients to do. 

9. Join a Preventative Exercise Program. These are offered in many areas throughout Tennessee. Many community centers, gyms, and health systems offer exercise programs for older adults aimed at preventing falls. These exercise regimens focus on improving balance and strengthening muscles. These programs are great and informative, and help you to avoid your next fall. Central Church in Collierville, TN has fitness classes for seniors, and Fifty Forward has exercise sessions at their locations, as well.

10. Make an Appointment with your Healthcare Provider. With your healthcare provider, they can assess your risk and discuss fall prevention strategies. You would talk about the following: your medications, any previous falls, and your health conditions. This would help to figure out what could cause falls and what you can do to prevent them.

AdvanceCare has been providing care services since 2009! We know how to prevent senior falls at home, so let us assist you! Call 629-800-9614 to talk to a local homecare specialist or to set up a free consultation.

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