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The Dangers of Drug Resistance

When bacteria and fungi develop an ability to counter the effects of the drug that was made to eliminate them, then, the person already developed drug resistance. As providers of companionship services Tennessee, this is a concern we must raise more awareness of.

Drug resistance happens when there is a misuse of antimicrobial medications. And that makes the drug ineffective and makes the condition hard, or sometimes impossible, to treat. People under home care in Hermitage, Tennessee must be cautious at all times.

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites change over time and when they no longer respond to medicines, your life could be in greater danger. It could lead to longer hospital stays or in-home care, higher medical costs, and even mortality. Aside from suffering from the possible side effects when switching to another type of drug, the body may also develop drug resistance to that new drug.

And that is why we encourage people, their families, caregivers, and even respite care service providers to avoid the misuse of medications and always abide by the doctor’s orders. Following your prescription won’t hurt, so why not finish the full course of your medication?

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