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Proper Ways to Treat People with Disabilities

Having physical deformations is already a burden to people having them, and how people address or treat them may add to their worries.

We must learn how to treat them appropriately when providing health services in Tennessee. And here are some ways to do that:

  • Ask first before you assist, even when they are under your companionship services Tennessee. Like us, they also want to do things their way and follow routines that you might break when you push to help them — causing more delay in their tasks.
  • And when under caregiving, caregivers must avoid showing pity or treating them like children because seniors with disabilities may feel low or degraded.
  • Talk to them directly, not to their companions. And address them with their names so they would know you are talking to them. Speak clearly and listen well.
  • Note that people with physical defects are not the same as people with mental or developmental conditions. They need different approaches when it comes to conversations and disabilitiy services.

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