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Home health care aims to address disease or injuries. It helps you get healthier and restore your independence by preserving your existing condition or level of function.

Primary care providers lead multidisciplinary healthcare teams that may include doctors, nurses, therapists (speech, physical, occupational, and respiratory), social workers, personal care aides, and formal caregivers from Advance Care in Hermitage, Tennessee.

Your primary care team determines your care requirements with you or someone you choose.
Personal care, such as showering, washing, getting dressed, domestic duties including cleaning, laundry, and yard maintenance; cooking in your home or delivering meals; money management, such as filling out paperwork and paying payments on time.

Older people who live on their own often feel lonely and isolated.

They need friends who can talk with them, go for walks with them, or just listen to them. Just having someone to talk to can make life better. Companionship services Tennessee can help with this.

Also, disability services are offered to people who need assistance with their daily activities that are hindered by their disabilities.

AdvanceCare Health Services LLC takes pride in knowing that our team has the right knowledge to provide you with excellent care and compassion. Get in touch with us today!

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