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How to Start Your Career as a Family Model Professional

Being a Family Model Professional (FMP) is an opportunity to touch lives!  We help people who need support.  At Advancecare, we fill the gap between peoples’ needs and the challenges brought on by their disabilities.  Make a difference!

What is an FMP?

A family model professional is a person who has chosen to invite an individual into their home and integrate them into their family. They also assist them with everyday needs, meals, medications, and doctor’s visits.  They provide a family environment, compassion, and opportunities!

“The best thing about being an FMP is encouraging others to grow and then seeing the look on their faces when they can’t believe they have overcome.”

Karen L. has been an AdvanceCare FMP for over 2 years!

What are the benefits?

This is a well-paid position and you get to work from home.  As an FMP, you would be a contractor, so you pay would be tax free income.  There is a supportive team of AdvanceCare administrators to help you handle issues that may arise.  The position can be a springboard for a healthcare, social work, or psychology career.  You would also have a meaningful job helping others be better, more independent versions of themselves!

How do I apply?

You could visit our website, and visit the careers page to fill out an online application.  You could also call our office at 615-891-4132, extension 257 to talk to Human Resources.  If you’d rather send in your resume, that’s fine, too!  Send a message to  Feel free to contact our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Latasha Matthews, at 615-240-0769.  You could apply on Indeed.

“Being able to provide a safe home for a person that needs help and giving them the ability to live a normal life.”

Tobias Belmont, AdvanceCare FMP

What does AdvanceCare do?

We offer individuals Family Model services.  These services translate into community integration, help with behavioral issues, and job coaching.  AdvanceCare: We touch lives!

Apply today to impact your community positively!

Check out our YouTube channel for video testimonials from our FMPs, and follow us on social media for more updates!  For more information on what we do, who we help, and those that work at AdvanceCare, go to  We can’t wait to hear from you!

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