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Effective Strategies for Promoting Hygiene in Seniors


Many older adults and family caregivers struggle with maintaining good hygiene habits with age. As seniors step into their golden years, many of them acquire chronic illnesses or conditions that make it challenging to perform daily tasks – including hygiene. Hence, many families turn to home health care to help look after their needs.

As a provider of exceptional health services in Tennessee, we will share effective strategies for promoting good personal hygiene:

  • Ensure safety in the bathroom.
    The fear of slipping and falling can hinder seniors from using the bathroom altogether. A recent injury may also discourage them from going to the bathroom when they need to. You can increase safety by installing the right equipment, such as handrails near the toilet or in the shower and raised toilet seats.
  • Create a routine.
    A daily hygiene routine can help seniors get used to specific activities like brushing their hair or showering. Make sure to accomplish these tasks around the same time each day to develop the routine. Make the task seem less of a chore by putting on music that they like, keeping the water warm, or allowing your loved one to choose their outfit for the day.
  • Seek additional help.
    A professional caregiver can help seniors with hygiene tasks with dignity and respect. Aside from companionship services Tennessee, a caregiver can also assist with tasks like oral hygiene and grooming. In some cases, seniors may feel more comfortable receiving help from a non-family member.

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