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Discover the Benefits of Community-Based Day Services


For families with a loved one who has an intellectual or developmental disability, making sure their family member is cared for is vital. Hence, we as care providers offer hands-on assistance and comprehensive care through our Family Model Residential Support and Services. This includes our individualized community-based day services that we align with their Individual Support Plan (ISP).

As a disability services provider, we will discuss the benefits of our community-based day services:

  • Safety and Convenience
    Day services provide a safe environment with appropriate programs and activities for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to spend the day. On the other hand, this allows their family to have a place to take their loved ones during the day, which allows them the chance to work or rest.
  • Opportunities for Socialization
    Community-based day services provide socializing activities for individuals with disabilities. This allows them to socialize with like-minded individuals and receive peer support. In addition to receiving in-home care, building relationships and participating in social activities can help strengthen their support system.
  • Participate in Meaningful Activities
    Day services offer programs and activities that can enhance mental and physical well-being. Aside from the social aspect, participants can also join educational activities, volunteer work, and even job exploration activities.

AdvanceCare Health Services LLC is your trusted provider of exceptional home care in Hermitage, Tennessee. To provide comprehensive care, we offer community-based day services to enable our clients to participate in activities in the community who may or may not have disabilities. To learn more, feel free to reach out to us.

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