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How Do You Choose an Agency for Your Loved One Who is Struggling with a Disability?

Choosing an agency for a loved one who struggles with a disability can be hard. Below, we have provided some information on how to choose the right agency. 

1. First, it’s important to remember that applying for these programs is an integral step in the selection process. You’ll need to explore your care options and proceed with the application once you’ve identified a service of interest. After being accepted, you can research local agencies to make an informed decision.

2. Research is necessary to find agencies in your area that provide the services that you need. One service in particular for those who have an intellectual or developmental disability is Family Model Residential Services. In Tennesee, there are Family Model Residential Services that match your loved one who has a disability with a family. They offer alternatives to assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, and group homes. This service allows the continued progression toward independence for your loved one. This service provides spectacular support to the individual, so if you are in Tennessee, look into agencies that have Family Model Services. In particular, AdvanceCare has an Adult Home & Community Services Program where the individual moves into the Family Model Home and receives around-the-clock support in a stable environment that is unaffected by shift changes. The supported person becomes part of the family, receives assistance, actively participates in the community, and learns new skills. 

3. When exploring agencies, it’s also essential to delve into their reviews and the agency’s values and mission. This will provide an understanding of the agency’s reputation and alignment with your needs and objectives. This can reveal a lot about a company and will provide you with more information and insight into the company. AdvanceCare has its reviews, values, and purpose all on its website under the ‘Why Choose Us’ tab ( This is crucial to finding the perfect agency for your loved one struggling with a disability. 

4. The family of the individual or the conservator of the loved one should arrange a meeting with the service provider and conduct an interview. This part is very important because you want to make sure that you get all the information necessary and that they have the service that you want. You will want to trust the people who are caring for your loved one, so getting as much information as possible about the company is a crucial part of finding an agency for your loved one. 

5. MCOs (Managed Care Organizations) can also recommend providers. Most MCOs can do this for clients. In Tennessee if your health plan (MCO) is Amerigroup: Applicants who already have Medicaid and are enrolled with Amerigroup should contact their Managed Care Organization with questions or if you need assistance completing the self-referral form. The number is 866-840-4991. If your health plan (MCO) is BlueCare: Applicants who already have Medicaid and are enrolled with BlueCare should contact their Managed Care Organization with questions or if you need assistance completing the self-referral form. The number is 888-747-8955. If your health plan (MCO) is United Health Care: Applicants who already have Medicaid and are enrolled with United HealthCare Community Plan should contact their Managed Care Organization with questions or if they need assistance completing the self-referral form.  The number is 800-690-1606. If you have Medicaid but I am not sure who your MCO is: You can call the Tennessee Health Connection line at 1-855-259-0701 to find out who your MCO is. If you do not have Medicaid: Applicants who do not have Medicaid should contact the Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Regional Intake Offices with questions or for assistance completing the self-referral form for both Employment and Community First CHOICES and applying for Medicaid. The DIDD contact information is below:

DIDD Regional Intake Office Contact information:
West Tennessee Regional Office: (866) 372-5709
Middle Tennessee Regional Office: (800) 654-4839
East Tennessee Regional Office: (888) 531-9876

(All information above about MCOs can be found at this link:

AdvanceCare in Tennessee is an agency that will provide spectacular support to individuals in the ECF (Employment and Community First), CLS (Community Living Support-Choices), and DIDD (Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities) programs!  AdvanceCare has been providing care services since 2009! Our Family Model Professionals are amazing at what they do, and we have the services that you need to provide peace of mind and top-notch care for your loved one. If you live in Tennessee, be sure to check out our website or call 615-670-2174.

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