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Discover AdvanceCare’s Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Program

The DIDD program is part of AdvanceCare’s Family Model Program.  These services offer care to seniors and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a single-family residence called a Family Model Home.  These homes are located in Tennessee and offer an alternative to assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, and group homes.

Why choose AdvanceCare’s DIDD program?

AdvanceCare is special because of our leadership, culture, and caring staff.  We touch lives, and those in our care touch our hearts daily.  The people who work at AdvanceCare and provide compassionate care truly give it their all.  We are a person-centered company, and we strive to touch lives to the fullest extent!

Who does the DIDD program support?

The Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities program offers care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including ADHD, autism, or behavioral disorders.  Some individuals may be struggling with Down Syndrome, dementia, learning disabilities, or other impairments.

What services are provided if we select the Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Program?

Typical care plans include bathing, dressing, grooming, and hygiene.  The Family Model Professionals also offer mobility assistance and can aid in developing communication skills and cognitive support.  If special diets are a concern, we can ensure the individual adheres to these guidelines, monitor medication management, and ensure that individuals meet their medical goals.

Who are the Family Model Professionals who care for DIDD individuals?

AdvanceCare’s FMPs open up their homes to individuals who need support.  We vet our applicants carefully, doing background checks, conducting home visits, and interviewing them extensively.  The Family Model Professionals are compassionate, patient people who genuinely want to help people.

If you want to learn more about AdvanceCare’s Department of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) Program, you can visit our website at  You can also call 615-670-2174 or email with any questions.  AdvanceCare is here to help.  We touch lives!

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