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Avoiding Hypertension in Senior Years

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When people reach their senior years, a lot of compromises and adjustments are to be practiced by heart. This is because as we grow older, we become more at risk in developing heart ailments such as hypertension.

AdvanceCare Health Services LLC, your provider of advance care in Hermitage, Tennessee, shares some of the things you can do to avoid hypertension in senior years:

  • Do physical exercises.

    We’re often told that we have to exercise, but we don’t know how much time we should dedicate for it in order to avoid over and under exercising. The recommended time would be 15 minutes for intense exercises and 30 minutes for moderate ones. Our companionship services in Tennessee become handy during this time.

  • Check your diet.

    Eat nutritious foods in appropriate portions. Avoid the ones with overwhelming preservatives and unhealthy fats like margarine.

  • Refrain from smoking and drinking.

    It’s not enough that you eat healthy foods and you exercise. A healthy and positive lifestyle should also be practiced. Drink moderately and quit smoking especially in your senior years.

  • Manage your stress.

    Getting stressed is inevitable but there are coping mechanisms available in order to manage stress. Choose the one that is most applicable to you and follow it religiously.

As home health care providers, we want nothing but to see you happy, satisfied, in good shape, and away from health issues like hypertension. Following a healthy lifestyle is the key to avoid developing heart issues like this one.

We offer hands-on assistance to ensure that as you journey toward a healthier life, you don’t strain yourself while exercising, you’re not undereating, and you’re not prohibiting yourself from expressing what you truly feel.

Get started with our health services in Tennessee!

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