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AdvanceCare’s Company Causes – We TOUCH lives!

AdvanceCare has four dynamic company causes that are aligned with our mission, which is to unlock the overall potential of an individual by providing high-quality and compassionate support. The causes that we are extremely passionate about make a difference in the lives of youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and pets. Read below to understand what is near and dear to our hearts and how we are committed to touching lives!

  1. Cause: Investing and supporting the education of underprivileged youth through the AdvanceCare Doreen Youth Education Program.
    By contributing to The PENCIL for Schools program, we are inspiring students’ successes by giving them the tools and resources they need for the future. PENCIL builds connections between area businesses and Metro Nashville Public Schools, because they believe that community involvement is key to academic progress for students. PENCIL seeks to transform lives by offering access to mentoring, tutoring, school supplies, and more. AdvanceCare fully supports this transformation quest, and we are committed to seeing that opportunities are equitable for all students to have a successful future.
  2. Cause: Funding and helping seniors to have independent and fulfilling life during retirement through the AdvanceCare Jennings Senior Outreach Program.
    FiftyForward’s Fresh/Meals on Wheels program has delivered thousands of nutritious meals to older adults at risk from hunger in Nashville since 1969. AdvanceCare contributes to this cause, helping to provide better nutrition for seniors and the security of knowing that a visitor is coming each day. This enhances health and well-being and decreases isolation. AdvanceCare and FiftyForward are proud to provide safety checks and resources to area seniors in need.
  3. Cause: Sponsoring and assisting individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to have an independent and fulfilling life in the community through the AdvanceCare Graves Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Program.
    AdvanceCare Health Services and The Arc Tennesse are working to empower individuals to live the lives they want. The Arc Tennesse’s mission is to protect and promote the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families by integrating people into the community. This is accomplished through innovative programs such as educational and vocational services, financial planning, and recreational activities. AdvanceCare supports that mission wholeheartedly by contributing to projects that meet the needs of people with disabilities, as well as programs that affect the community.
  4. Cause: Providing pets with a loving home and nourishment through the AdvanceCare Manzer Pet Program.
    Knox PAWS, a Knox Seniors initiative, works with animal shelters to match pets with senior citizens
    and to ensure that both parties have what they need. AdvanceCare aids in this mission by providing food to a Knoxville senior’s pet for an entire year! While our services supply people with the assistance they need, our Manzer Pet Program specifically brings support to seniors and their fur-babies for continued
    companionship, security, and purpose.AdvanceCare looks forward to expanding these company causes as the world changes and needs arise.
    We aim to stimulate creativity, promote growth, and enhance independence and our company causes coincide with that goal perfectly! Any feedback, suggestions, or donations toward youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and pets is welcome and appreciated!
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