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AdvanceCare 2023 Administrative Employee of the Year: Misty Hart

AdvanceCare Health Services is delighted to announce our Administrative Employee of the Year for 2023: Misty Hart! Over the past year, Misty has demonstrated remarkable growth as Strategy, Planning, & Systems Manager, embodying our motto, “We touch lives.” Discover how she positively impacts the lives of those around her!

Courtney Sagraves, Staff Accountant, says, “I am nominating Misty Hart because I believe she has made some amazing accomplishments this year. She is punctual, professional and leads by example. She represents AdvanceCare well! I believe she has done wonderfully in taking over the new role as Manager of the new Strategy, Planning & Systems Department. I’m sure it was no easy task trying to navigate mastering her new role while also ensuring a smooth merge of 2 departments. I think she is the perfect person for AdvanceCare’s 2023 Admin of the Year!”

Misty joined AdvanceCare on February 3, 2022, as an administrative assistant. In June of the same year, an opportunity arose for her to take on the role of Strategy & Planning Coordinator within the company. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Misty took on the new role, recognizing AdvanceCare’s commitment to providing people with new opportunities.  This serves as an excellent illustration of the company providing employees with a chance to demonstrate their talents.

While in this position, Misty revealed proficiency in organizing data through graphs, charts, spreadsheets, and presentations. She worked with every department at AdvanceCare, focusing on each one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats while utilizing her problem-solving skills to create collective solutions.  In June 2023, organizational changes prompted the creation of the Strategy, Planning, and Systems Manager position. Misty accepted the leadership role and currently oversees one SPS Coordinator and two SPS Specialists. Her journey serves as evidence that dedication to learning and growth can lead to success.

Cierese, AdvanceCare’s Special Projects Coordinator, said, “Misty has and continues to live by our Core Values.  This past year, she has shown great passion for her position, department and AdvanceCare.  Her Can-Do Spirit is evident in her daily determination and hard work.  Misty pushes for Continuous Improvement, not just in herself (which she has done tremendously this past year), but pushes everyone around her to improve.  She is very team-oriented and takes pride in encouraging everyone she works with to be more and move above and beyond.”

Other phrases that Misty’s coworkers use to describe her are: role model, dependable, communicative, continuously improving, asks the hard questions, and is easy to get along with.

Misty, happily married to Dave, is a proud mom to four furbabies—Tux, Skye, Drulou, & Misu. Residing in Perry, Georgia, she remains a Louisiana sports fan at heart. Misty is passionate about her faith and loves Christmas, and her home (from October through January) is proof of that! Beyond her love for wildlife and gardening, Misty enjoys cooking and spending time with family. If Misty ever won the lottery, she envisions a ranch with cows, horses, and chickens, featuring a dream log house with a grand stone fireplace, possibly accompanied by more cats.

Those who have worked with Misty readily acknowledge her organizational skills and attention to detail. She consistently has a spreadsheet on hand, using data to validate findings. Beyond being an empathetic listener, Misty also holds individuals accountable for their responsibilities. Every day, she shows up at work with a commitment to make a positive impact and touch lives, yet she remains humble enough to acknowledge her own mistakes. These qualities collectively make her an outstanding employee, leader, teammate, and friend.

If we could duplicate Misty as fast as she duplicates spreadsheets, we would!  However, there’s only one Misty, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have her on our team. The staff at AdvanceCare feels truly blessed to work alongside her, contributing to our collective effort to touch lives. Congratulations, Misty, on being named the 2023 Employee of the Year!

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