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Senior Safety at Home: Do you need a Medical Alert System?

A Medical Alert system allows users to summon help with the press of a button. This can be very important to have and can help when you fall or have an emergency. 

Anyone at risk of falling, no matter their age, should consider using a medical alert System. It is crucial to get immediate help and for ambulances to be on their way in a matter of minutes. These devices are available as at-home systems or on-the-go wearables, monitored or unmonitored, and traditional or specialized. Some of these systems include a wearable help button and a base unit, and some have wall-mounted options. It is all up to you to decide what type of system you want and how to customize it! 

Here at AdvanceCare, we urge our clients to buy a Medical Alert System. In case one of our caregivers are not there, if you fall or have an emergency the Medical Alert System will get you help. These systems provide peace of mind, not only to you but to your loved ones as well as your caregivers. It allows you to know that if anything happens, you can get immediate help from anywhere. 

Below, you will find some benefits to owning a Medical Alert System for Seniors.

They Are Convenient And Easy To Use

Medical alert systems are easy to use and are easy to wear on pendants, bracelets, or in the style of a smartwatch. They are also not obvious and have very discreet designs to make them convenient and less embarrassing. They provide a faster and easier way to call for help with pressing one button, instead of having to find a telephone and press multiple buttons. 

They Monitor Your Living Space

Depending on the system that you get, some also include environmental sensors. These sensors would alert you to fire or high carbon monoxide levels. They also may even automatically alert monitoring centers or first responders. 

They Offer A Variety Of Options

Monitoring systems are available in many configurations and can be customizable to you. Nowadays, current models can look like fitness or activity monitors, making them less obvious. They can also have GPS tracking, which allows for family and loved ones to track seniors prone to wandering. 

They Provide Peace Of Mind To Loved Ones

Knowing that a loved one is being monitored constantly eases loved ones’ minds. Some systems can also alert loved ones through text or email when events take place or even when the door is open. 

They Promote Independence

These systems allow seniors a sense of independence since they trigger the alarm when they need to. This allows them to feel in charge, and have some control in their lives. They can feel free to do the things they like while knowing that help is a quick button press away. This also allows seniors to continue to live in their own homes knowing they are being overseen safely. 

They Will Get Help Immediately

Medical alert systems are monitored 24/7 and can dispatch family or first responders as needed. The assistance you want and need can be sent, even if it won’t require medical treatment. 

AdvanceCare has been providing care services since 2009! We encourage a Medical Alert System, and if you are considering Homecare, call us at 629-800-9614 to talk to a local homecare specialist or to set up a free consultation. We can even recommend an alert system, to you, as well!

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