AdvanceCare Health Services

We touch lives by adding value to yours!

What makes AdvanceCare different?

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  1. When you choose us, you choose family
  2. We give clients a personal touch, as opposed to national chains
  3. Our mission statement is: to unlock the overall potential of an individual by providing high-quality and compassionate support
  4. Our leadership team has over 20 years of combined experience in the healthcare and social service fields
  5. Input from family members is always welcome and valued at AdvanceCare
  6. Our Family Model Professionals are truly heroes, supporting and empowering individuals to live their best lives
  7. Our community-based day service enables those with disabilities to participate in productive activities with other community members
  8. Our supported employment program helps individuals with disabilities to find gainful employment
  9. Our medical team ensures that our clients’ health management requirements are met, whether you’re recovering from surgery, dealing with physical ailments, or have medication issues– we’ve got you covered
  10. No two clients are the same, which means that no two care plans should be, either. We accommodate the unique needs of each of our clients.