AdvanceCare Health Services

We touch lives!

Becoming a family model professional is simple!

Setting up a caring home for people who need support is an easy process. Once an application is filled out, we will set up a Client Fitting (interview) with you to determine some things about you and the individuals that are available, so that we can make a good match. Once that is established, we collect a few required documents and add you to the list of our homes that are ready and waiting for an individual. You will receive information on the individual that we feel would be a great fit and then you get to choose whether or not you want to move forward. Next, a Meet & Greet is scheduled for you and the individual to get to know each other. Provided everyone is ready to move forward, training is assigned, paperwork is reviewed and prepared, and then the transition happens.

Just a reminder, ACHS has a team of capable people to help answer all your questions and prepare you for the newest member of your family.