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Support for Families of Dementia Patients


When a family member is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, it can set off a chain reaction of emotions. While you’re still attempting to make sense of the situation, chances are you’re already considering the best course of action for your loved one’s future.

We realize how difficult these times may be. We are here to help. As such, allow us at AdvanceCare Health Services LLC, providers of advance care in Hermitage, Tennessee, to give a few essential tips on how to best aid your loved ones.

The challenges of caregiving can be lessened by having regular routines. Moreover, these can provide an Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient with a feeling of consistency. When establishing your loved one’s daily routine, keep the following in mind:

  • Maintain organization and familiarity.
    Try to keep daily patterns for tasks such as getting up, mealtimes, dressing, having guests, and bedtime. Keeping these activities at the same time and providing them with hands-on assistance can aid in orienting the person with Dementia.
  • Engage them in activities that promote sensory stimulation.
    Sensory stimulation has been shown to facilitate positive outcomes in people with Dementia. It can help them to recall good memories and feelings, as well as enable them to engage and communicate with those around them.
  • Find group activities tailored to your loved one’s needs.
    Activities that are specially designed to suit the needs of Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients are frequently held at senior centers, community centers, or adult daycare facilities. If you require help with transportation, home care agencies frequently feature such services.

If you need helping hands, our disability services might just be what you’re looking for!

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