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We touch lives!

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AdvanceCare's HomeCare Team



Madison Newsome

HomeCare Manager

HomeCare Scheduler

    Staffing Coordinator

AdvanceCare's Waiver/Family Model Services Team


Lynda McDermott

Elizabeth Roberts

Traci Cornelius-Roberts

Waiver Director

         Asst. Waiver Director

     Lead Program Manager

      Program Manager

Delores Murillo-Lincoln

Tiffany Gaboriault

Program Manager

Program Manager

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About Us

Created in 2009, AdvanceCare provides homecare and community-based services that deliver compassionate support to people in Tennessee. If someone is struggling due to age, mobility issues, or a developmental disability, they can trust our top-notch care professionals to be there!

At AdvanceCare, we offer more than services; we offer a new way of life. Our homecare and family model services go beyond assistance with daily tasks and companionship; we offer a fresh approach to living—a joyful way of life. We TOUCH lives!

We are delighted to have you meet our staff! AdvanceCare’s Administrative departments include HomeCare, Waiver/Family Model Services, Finance, Medical, Quality Assurance, Strategy, Planning & Systems (SPS), IT, Sales & Marketing, and Business Operations.  We are always looking for new staff to join our team, as well as caregivers and family model professionals to personally care for our clients.  Keep reading to meet our staff and learn more about our positions!

Why Choose Us


AdvanceCare is special because of our leadership, culture, and caring staff. The people who work here are truly the ones who touch lives.

Personalized Care

AdvanceCare is not a chain. Although many of our admins work remotely, our services are personalized and rooted in the local community.

Company Culture

Our five core values are: can-do spirit, team-oriented, compassionate, passionate, and continuous improvement.


AdvanceCare provides home care and community-based services that deliver support to the people of Tennessee! We touch lives every day.

AdvanceCare hosts virtual luncheons for our administrators and two yearly events – the Spring Fling and the Fall Festival – where all local caregivers, Family Model Professionals, admins, clients, and individuals are invited. We prioritize coming together to form bonds and create a family-like atmosphere. When you meet our staff, you are meeting people who touch lives! AdvanceCare offers a supportive and community-focused work environment.

Meet our Staff: Testimonials

If you’re ready to embark on a rewarding career where your actions truly impact the lives of others, you’re on the right website! At AdvanceCare, we’re seeking passionate people to join our team in a variety of roles, includes caregivers, family model professionals, and administrative positions! Meet the staff and advance your career today with AdvanceCare.

What sets us apart? We are passionate about being compassionate, and career advancement is high on our priority list. We believe in continuous improvement and leadership development. Our team has a strong can-do spirit where we support each other.  We put people first at AdvanceCare and you can achieve your career goals while you touch lives! Meet our staff and look deep into our company culture and our employee reviews.

Our leadership team has over 131 years of combined experience in the healthcare and social service fields. We believe in giving back to the community and touching lives. Our mission is to unlock the overall potential of an individual by providing high-quality and compassionate support.  We touch lives!


Yes! We foster a culture of internal growth and development, nurturing our team members to advance their careers within our organization. Several of our current team members started out as assistants or coordinators, and worked their way up in manager or director roles.

Yes, we do. Full-time employees are eligible for medical, vision, and dental insurance, as well as holiday pay, sick pay, and PTO.

Yes, employees can earn bonuses. We offer referral programs, Employee of the Month rewards, an Ambassador Radiance Program, and other departmental incentives to earn extra money.

Cell phones and laptops are provided according to job requirements.

Travel is reimbursed or covered as needed. Further details are provided upon receiving a job offer.

Hybrid position schedules are decided between you and your direct supervisor based on the needs for you position. This varies from department to department.

Take the First Steps Towards Employment at AdvanceCare

You’ve had the opportunity to meet the staff! At AdvanceCare our purpose is to enable greatness through resources and support that we provide.  We’re currently hiring various positions including caregivers, Family Model Professionals, and administrative positions. Fill out the form, letting us know which department you’re interested in joining, and we’ll get in contact with you soon.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to meet the staff at AdvanceCare! Our people purpose statement is "Empowering team members to excel and touch lives through continuous improvement and technology." We touch lives!

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